I Need to Replace my DJI Aeroscope!

Bad news – DJI suddenly discontinued Aeroscope production. Since reseller support will likely end this year or early 2024, users are forced to quickly replace their Aeroscope systems. 

Good news – The Federal Aviation Administration mandated that drones broadcast identification and location information that can be received by other parties.

Aeroscope’s DJI-only detection can easily be replaced by AeroDefense’s AirWarden™ Remote ID Receiver which detects all Remote ID drones and WiFi drone public broadcasts to provide actionable intelligence such as drone type, speed, and drone/pilot location

For a limited time AeroDefense is offering a 30-day FREE trial of the AirWarden receiver.

Yes, I'd like to apply for a 30-day FREE Trial of the AirWarden Remote ID Receiver!

What are the benefits?

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Networked AirWarden Receivers gather drone broadcasts and consolidate them into regional or national views so organizations can monitor geographically dispersed critical locations from one screen and see historical drone flight information. 

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You can simply subscribe without the need to purchase hardware so the systems are more affordable than ever!

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You can cancel anytime during the 30-day trial. We are sure you will like the service, so at the end of the trial just leave your AirWarden receiver in place, and we will invoice your first year of service. 

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